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Умный стимулятор-напоминание о воде

Продукция Электроника Умный стимулятор-напоминание о воде
Лого трейд pекламные подарки фото: Умный стимулятор-напоминание о воде
Лого трейд pекламные cувениры фото: Умный стимулятор-напоминание о воде
Логотрейд pекламные продукты картинка: Умный стимулятор-напоминание о воде
25.00 €/шт. + НСО

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The hydration cycle is programmed in a way that reminds people to lift up their bottle/glass at least twice per hour and thus help them hydrate regularly throughout their busy day. -Ulla is ambient aware as it senses the presence of its owner - it’s 100 % automatic, turns on/off automatically and has no buttons to push. -With the integrated drinking detection algorithm, Ulla knows when you drink from your bottle, so it only reminds you to drink again, when you forget to do it on your own. Compatibility Ulla fits on bottles of all sizes, shapes and materials Size 4 x 2.5 x 1 cm Weight 25 g Working temp. 0°C to +70°C Material BPA-Free PolyPropylene Battery life Up to 6 months Battery type CR2032 coin cell Charging None Auto ON/OFF Yes Proximity detection Yes

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